TSTA Region 18


September 23, 2017

TSTA Region 18 met Saturday, September 23, 2017, at the Cotton Patch Restaurant in Tyler, Texas. The meeting was called to order at 11:02am by Winifred Jackson. The pledges and Moment of Silence were led by Norma Waters. Introductions were made of regional officers and state officers present for training.

The Agenda was adopted with flexibility (Sandra Patterson [North Lamar], Koni Kaiwi [Garland]; voice vote).  A Treasurer’s Report resulted in a conversation about banking. The new region has not yet opened a new account and several banks were discussed as possibilities. $3,000 from Region 4B and an unspecified amount from 4A, plus $1,000 for the completion of compliance documents will make up the first deposit. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted (Norma Waters, Koni Kaiwi; voice vote).

Committee Reports were next on the agenda. The State Committees had not yet met, so there were no reports. André Williams made a pitch for PAC membership.

Local Reports were next. Garland reported an Interim Superintendent and modest growth. Grand Prairie reported an NEO and member growth, as well as a meeting with the Superintendent covering several issues and resulting in a schedule of such meetings every 9 weeks. Longview reported an NEO with membership growth and gift cards. Lufkin reported 4 new members. North Lamar reported an NEO with 3 new members, 2 drops, and an Interim Superintendent. Tyler reported an NEO. There are 67 new members in the Region; Marshall had 22 new members, bringing custodial staff back into the district. Forms were distributed for membership in TSTA-Retired.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was described and discussed. Region 18 “passed the hat” for donations to add to the fund.

State President and Vice-President, Noel Candelaria and Ovidia Molina conducted training for Association Representatives for the remainder of the meeting.

It was announced that $180 was collected for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The next scheduled meeting is December 2 in Tyler.

The meeting adjourned at 2:07pm.

Becky Cerliano,
Nov 27, 2017, 8:26 PM