TSTA Region 18


December 2, 2017


TSTA Region 18 met Saturday, December 2, 2017, at Traditions Restaurant in Tyler, Texas.  The meeting was called to order at 10:41 am by Doris Hill.  The pledges and Moment of Silence were led by Benita Bennett.  Introductions were made of TSTA Staff Janna Connally and Bryan Weatherford, T-TESS Training presenter.

The Agenda was adopted with flexibility (motion by Doris Hill, Norma Waters; voice vote). The approval of the minutes was moved by  Doris Hill; Norma Waters; André Williams. A vacancy in the Treasurer position was presented by Winifred Jackson and resulted in a conversation about the vacant Treasurer position. The current Treasurer, Michal Robertson, has resigned and sent in a letter of resignation. Sandra Patterson moved to approve the resignation letter. Benita Bennett seconded the motion to approve the resignation letter. Resignation letter was accepted and approve by voice vote. Next the election of the new treasurer, Sandra Patterson moved to nominate André Williams for treasurer. Three inquires were made requesting any other nominations. Sandra Patterson moved to close the nominations for the Treasurer position, Benita Bennett seconded the motion to close the nominations. André Williams was voted in by a show of hands vote. The Financial Report was read by Winifred Jackson. Sandra Patterson moved to select a bank, Texas Bank and Trust, was voted on. 

Committee Reports were next on the agenda. Legislative Committee member André Williams informed us about the upcoming election year. Texans for Public Education does research for the candidates. André  Williams made a pitch for PAC membership. Legislative Report from André Williams focused on positive, not just the things we need to stop. We need to get a solid stand on Payroll Deduction. Governance Task Force, presented by Winifred Jackson, focused on how local and region and state work together. The next committee meeting is January 13, 2018, and will focus on alignment of Bylaws Compliance Documents.

Local Reports were next. Longview: Winifred Jackson, reported 2 new members. Lufkin: Benita Bennett, reported 1 new member. Garland: Norma Waters, reported new Superintendent from Mission and ten new members joined. North Lamar: Sandra Patterson reported lost Superintendent and has an Interim Superintendent while searching for a Superintendent. One new member joined North Lamar. Tyler: André Williams reported that Superintendent making changes in the district. Three new members have joined. Retired: Becky Cerliano reported no new activity. TSTA Staff, Janna Connally, reported NOW is not functional 1-on-1 united is the best way to go. Student Teacher/1st year teachers stay if they join TSTA the 1st year. Volunteer to have a student teacher in you room. Grand Prairie, Doris Hill, reported talking with the Superintendent about academic changes to instructional issues people are having. People are now calling to join.

TSTA Staff, Bryan Weatherford, conducted training for T-TESS for the remainder of the meeting.

The next scheduled Regional HOD is April 7, 2017 in Tyler.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Becky Cerliano,
Dec 2, 2017, 5:13 PM
Becky Cerliano,
Dec 2, 2017, 5:12 PM