2017 HoD

TSTA Region 18

House of Delegates Meeting

February 18, 2017

The Potpourri House, Tyler

The meeting was called to order at 10:37am by Presidents Winifred Jackson (4A) and Doris Hill (4B). The Thought for the Day was delivered by Norma Waters (4B VP) and the Pledges were led by Benita Bennett (4A VP), followed by a Moment of Silence.

The proposed By-Laws for Region 18 were presented for discussion and adoption. Article III Section 3 was changed to read “by the amount approved annually at the Regional HoD the year prior to the assessment with increase increments of no more than $1.00 per year.” (Carol Montgomery, Michael Robertson)  In Article IV, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, and Webmaster were deleted with all their references from the document. (Marsha Cunningham, Sean Hughes). The By-Laws were then approved as amended (Carol Montgomery, Lucero Cazares-Rodriguez).

The Presidents of 4A and 4B brought greetings to the participants of the HoD and introduced staff Ed Martin, Janna Connally and Sandra Hudson as well as candidate Dale Kaiser followed by all officers present from 4A and 4B.

The next order of business was to elect Region 18 officers. Incumbent President and Vice-President will serve as co-officers for the first year of the merged region. Those present ratified the election of Co-Presidents Winifred Jackson and Doris Hill and Co-Vice-Presidents Benita Bennett and Norma Waters (Carol Montgomery, Sandra Patterson; voice approval).

An Interim Credentials Report from 4A Assistant Secretary Lois Stephens showed 10 delegates from 4A and 17 from 4B.

The Standing Rules were adopted (Carol Montgomery, Koni Kaiwi; voice approval). The agenda was adopted with flexibility (Roylena Sparrow, Sandra Patterson; voice approval).

The one-hour time period for submission of New Business Items (NBIs) was announced at 11:30am, lasting until 12:30pm.

An Election Committee was appointed: from 4A Shannon Isaacs and Angie Holman; from 4B Carol Montgomery and Dennis Thomas. A committee to approved the 2017 HoD minutes was appointed: from 4A Becky Cerliano and Lois Stephens; from 4B Mary Hopkins and Norma Waters.

The minutes from 2016 HoDs were approved. 4A minutes were approved as printed (Judy McNeil, Sandra Patterson; voice approval). 4B minutes were approved after numerous corrections (largely centered on name spellings) (Sean Hughes, Mary Hopkins; voice approval).

Audit Reports from both 4A and 4B were accepted.

The Election Guidelines were approved (Lucero Cazares-Rodriguez, Roylena Sparrow; voice approval).

Nominations were accepted for Secretary (Roylena Sparrow) and Treasurer (André Williams, Michael Robertson). Paper ballots were distributed for the contested office. The Elections Committee retired to count the ballots.

Ed Martin brought Greetings from TSTA and discussed expectations of the ongoing Legislative Session.

The Elections Committee returned with results. Michael Robertson received 18 votes to André Williams’ 9, and was declared the winner of the election.

Region 18 Officers will be:


Winifred Jackson

Doris Hill

One-year term


Benita Bennett

Norma Waters

One-year term


Roylena Sparrow

Three-year term


Michael Robertson

Three-year term

Dale Kaiser brought greetings from NEA.

Barbara Davis-Staley spoke on behalf of Rae Nwosu who is seeking an NEA elected position.

Becky Cerliano and Barbara Davis-Staley updated members on activities of TSTA-R and encouraged those retiring to become TSTA-R members.

TSTA Staff Janna Connally and Sandra Hudson addressed the body with upcoming information for the regions.

Regional Officers gave their reports of activities for the membership year.

Members of State Committees present gave reports on the activities of their committees:

Compliance - Winifred Jackson

PAC - Doris Hill (solicited PAC members)

The body viewed and discussed as necessary information from the state office - the Legislative Program, Budget, and a letter from President Noel Candelaria.

There was specific discussion of a NBI regarding a special assessment for the next 4 years for local organizing projects that will come up at the State House of Delegates in April.

A Final Credentials Report was given showing the same delegate numbers as the Interim Report.

The body then considered a motion to set Region 18 dues at $2 per regional member (Marsha Cunningham, Lucero Cazares-Rodriguez: voice approval).

Information was shared for the State HoD in Houston. Delegate information was due to the state by March 15. Then information was shared on the ESP Conference and the Retired NEA Conference. NEA Directors candidate information was shared, including Susan Seaton’s You-tube video.

The next BoD for 4A will be March 25 in Longview.

Current 4A and 4B Audit Committees were empowered to come together to serve Region 18 (Lucero Cazares-Rodriguez, Carol Montgomery; voice approval).

Announcements and thanks were delivered by Winifred Jackson.

Webmasters Becky Cerliano and P. Sean Hughes were appointed.

The meeting adjourned and door prizes were distributed to their winners.