2019 Leg Committees

2019 Legislative Committees

2019 Texas Senate Committees

2019 Appropriations SubCommittee on TRS Funding


Rep. Greg Bonnen

Rep. Armando Walle

Rep. Mary E. González

Rep. Donna Howard

Rep. Matt Schaefer

Rep. Carl O. Sherman, Sr.

Rep. Lynn Stucky

Rep. Gary VanDeaver

86th Legislative Session

Agriculture Committee

Kel Seliger, Chair

Jose Rodriguez, Vice Chair

Bob Hall

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

Charles Schwertner

Health & Human Services Committee

Lois Kolkhorst, Chair

Charles Perry, Vice Chair

Dawn Buckingham

Donna Campbell

Peter Flores

Nathan Johnson

Borris Miles

Beverly Powell

Kel Seliger

Transportation Committee

Robert Nichols, Chair

Kelly Hancock, Vice Chair

Carol Alvarado

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

Lois Kolkhorst

Charles Perry

Jose Rodriguez

Charles Schwertner

Royce West

Administration Committee

Bryan Hughes, Chair

Pat Fallon, Vice Chair

Joan Huffman

Nathan Johnson

Jose Menendez

Robert Nichols

Judith Zaffirini

Higher Education Committee

Brandon Creighton, Chair

Royce West, Vice Chair

Paul Bettencourt

Dawn Buckingham

Beverly Powell

Larry Taylor

Kirk Watson

Veterans Affairs & Border Security Committee

Donna Campbell, Chair

Bob Hall, Vice Chair

Nathan Johnson

Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Jose Menendez

Charles Schwertner

Kel Seliger

Business & Commerce Committee

Kelly Hancock, Chair

Robert Nichols, Vice Chair

Donna Campbell

Brandon Creighton

Jose Menendez

Angela Paxton

Charles Schwertner

John Whitmire

Judith Zaffirini

Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee

Brian Birdwell, Chair

Judith Zaffirini, Vice Chair

Pat Fallon

Peter Flores

Kelly Hancock

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

Bryan Hughes

Borris Miles

Angela Paxton

Beverly Powell

Jose Rodriguez

Water & Rural Affairs Committee

Charles Perry, Chair

Brandon Creighton, Vice Chair

Carol Alvarado

Nathan Johnson

Lois Kolkhorst

Jose Rodriguez

Larry Taylor

Criminal Justice Committee

John Whitmire, Chair

Joan Huffman, Vice Chair

Dawn Buckingham

Peter Flores

Bryan Hughes

Borris Miles

Charles Perry

Nominations Committee

Dawn Buckingham, Chair

Kirk Watson, Vice Chair

Carol Alvarado

Bob Hall

Lois Kolkhorst

Borris Miles

Kel Seliger

Finance Committee

Jane Nelson, Chair

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, Vice Chair

Paul Bettencourt

Brian Birdwell

Donna Campbell

Peter Flores

Kelly Hancock

Joan Huffman

Lois Kolkhorst

Robert Nichols

Charles Perry

Larry Taylor

Kirk Watson

Royce West

John Whitmire

Education Committee

Larry Taylor, Chair

Eddie Lucio, Jr., Vice Chair

Paul Bettencourt

Donna Campbell

Pat Fallon

Bob Hall

Bryan Hughes

Angela Paxton

Beverly Powell

Kirk Watson

Royce West

Property Tax Committee

Paul Bettencourt, Chair

Angela Paxton, Vice Chair

Brandon Creighton

Kelly Hancock

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

Senate State Affairs Committee

Joan Huffman, Chair

Bryan Hughes, Vice Chair

Brian Birdwell

Brandon Creighton

Pat Fallon

Bob Hall

Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Jane Nelson

Judith Zaffirini



2019 House Committee Assignment by Member Name

Allen, Alma

Corrections, VICE-CHAIR Public Education

Allison, Steve

Public Education Public Health

Anchia, Rafael

Energy Resources House Administration International Relations & Economic Development, CHAIR

Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Agriculture & Livestock, VICE-CHAIR County Affairs House Administration

Ashby, Trent

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Public Education

Bailes, Ernest IV

Corrections Energy Resources

Beckley, Michelle

Agriculture & Livestock Business & Industry

Bell, Cecil of Montgomery

Appropriations Land & Resource Management

Bell, Keith of Kaufman

Criminal Jurisprudence Public Education

Bernal, Diego

Local & Consent Calendars Public Education, VICE-CHAIR Transportation

Biedermann, Kyle

County Affairs Land & Resource Management

Blanco, César José

Environmental Regulation International Relations & Economic Development

Bohac, Dwayne

County Affairs, VICE-CHAIR Ways & Means

Bonnen, Greg of Galveston

Appropriations Insurance

Bowers, Rhetta

Corrections Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Local & Consent Calendars

Buckley, Brad

Agriculture & Livestock Appropriations Local & Consent Calendars

Bucy, John III

Culture, Recreation & Tourism Elections

Burns, DeWayne

Agriculture & Livestock Homeland Security & Public Safety Resolutions Calendars

Burrows, Dustin

Elections Ways & Means, CHAIR

Button, Angie Chen

Higher Education Urban Affairs, CHAIR

Cain, Briscoe

Elections International Relations & Economic Development Resolutions Calendars

Calanni, Gina

Homeland Security & Public Safety Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

Canales, Terry

Land & Resource Management

Transportation, CHAIR

Capriglione, Giovanni

Appropriations Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Clardy, Travis

Homeland Security & Public Safety Human Services

Cole, Sheryl

County Affairs Redistricting Ways & Means

Coleman, Garnet

County Affairs, CHAIR Public Health

Collier, Nicole

Business & Industry Criminal Jurisprudence, CHAIR General Investigating, VICE-CHAIR

Cortez, Philip

Appropriations Elections, VICE-CHAIR Resolutions Calendars

Craddick, Tom

Energy Resources Land & Resource Management, CHAIR

Cyrier, John

Culture, Recreation & Tourism, CHAIR Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

Darby, Drew

Business & Industry, VICE-CHAIR Energy Resources

Davis, Sarah of Harris

Appropriations Insurance

Davis, Yvonne of Dallas

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Transportation

Dean, Jay

Corrections Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

Deshotel, Joe

Calendars Human Services State Affairs

Dominguez, Alex

County Affairs Natural Resources

Dutton, Harold

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues, CHAIR Public Education

Farrar, Jessica

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence, VICE-CHAIR Natural Resources

Flynn, Dan

Defense & Veterans' Affairs, CHAIR House Administration Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Frank, James

Human Services, CHAIR Public Health

Frullo, John

Calendars Higher Education International Relations & Economic Development, VICE-CHAIR

Geren, Charlie

Energy Resources House Administration, CHAIR Licensing & Administrative Procedures

Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara

Culture, Recreation & Tourism Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services Resolutions Calendars

Goldman, Craig

Calendars Licensing & Administrative Procedures, VICE-CHAIR Transportation

González, Jessica of Dallas

Criminal Jurisprudence Urban Affairs

González, Mary of El Paso

Appropriations Local & Consent Calendars, VICE-CHAIR Public Education

Goodwin, Vikki

Homeland Security & Public Safety Urban Affairs

Guerra, R.D. "Bobby"

Public Health State Affairs

Guillen, Ryan

Licensing & Administrative Procedures Resolutions Calendars, CHAIR Ways & Means, VICE-CHAIR

Gutierrez, Roland

Energy Resources Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Harless, Sam

Licensing & Administrative Procedures State Affairs

Harris, Cody

Energy Resources Local & Consent Calendars Natural Resources

Hefner, Cole

Appropriations Local & Consent Calendars Transportation

Hernandez, Ana

Licensing & Administrative Procedures State Affairs, VICE-CHAIR

Herrero, Abel

Energy Resources, VICE-CHAIR Licensing & Administrative Procedures

Hinojosa, Gina

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Human Services, VICE-CHAIR

Holland, Justin

Culture, Recreation & Tourism State Affairs

Howard, Donna

Appropriations Higher Education House Administration, VICE-CHAIR

Huberty, Dan

County Affairs Public Education, CHAIR

Hunter, Todd

Criminal Jurisprudence State Affairs

Israel, Celia

Elections Homeland Security & Public Safety

Johnson, Eric of Dallas

Higher Education Urban Affairs

Johnson, Jarvis of Harris

Appropriations Culture, Recreation & Tourism

Johnson, Julie of Dallas

Insurance Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

Kacal, Kyle

Culture, Recreation & Tourism Environmental Regulation

King, Ken of Hemphill

Licensing & Administrative Procedures Public Education

King, Phil of Parker

Criminal Jurisprudence Redistricting, CHAIR State Affairs

King, Tracy of Uvalde

Licensing & Administrative Procedures, CHAIR Natural Resources

Klick, Stephanie

Elections, CHAIR Human Services

Krause, Matt

General Investigating Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Redistricting Transportation

Kuempel, John

Environmental Regulation Licensing & Administrative Procedures

Lambert, Stan

Insurance Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Landgraf, Brooks

Business & Industry Transportation, VICE-CHAIR

Lang, Mike

Homeland Security & Public Safety Natural Resources

Larson, Lyle

International Relations & Economic Development Natural Resources, CHAIR Redistricting

Leach, Jeff

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence, CHAIR Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services Redistricting

Leman, Ben

Land & Resource Management Redistricting Transportation

Longoria, Oscar

Appropriations, VICE-CHAIR Calendars Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Lozano, J. M.

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Environmental Regulation, CHAIR

Lucio, Eddie III

Insurance, CHAIR Public Health

Martinez Fischer, Trey

Business & Industry, CHAIR Ways & Means

Martinez, Armando

Culture, Recreation & Tourism, VICE-CHAIR Local & Consent Calendars Transportation

Metcalf, Will

Calendars International Relations & Economic Development Natural Resources, VICE-CHAIR

Meyer, Morgan

General Investigating, CHAIR Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Public Education

Meza, Thresa "Terry"

Agriculture & Livestock Human Services Resolutions Calendars

Middleton, Mayes

Elections Local & Consent Calendars Urban Affairs

Miller, Rick

Appropriations Human Services Resolutions Calendars, VICE-CHAIR

Minjarez, Ina

Appropriations Land & Resource Management Redistricting

Moody, Joseph

Business & Industry Calendars, VICE-CHAIR Criminal Jurisprudence Redistricting

Morrison, Geanie W.

Culture, Recreation & Tourism Environmental Regulation Local & Consent Calendars, CHAIR

Muñoz, Sergio Jr.

Appropriations Land & Resource Management, VICE-CHAIR

Murphy, Jim

Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services, CHAIR Ways & Means

Murr, Andrew

Criminal Jurisprudence Juvenile Justice & Family Issues, VICE-CHAIR

Neave, Victoria

Corrections Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

Nevárez, Poncho

Homeland Security & Public Safety, CHAIR Natural Resources


Noble, Candy

General Investigating Human Services Ways & Means

Oliverson, Tom

Calendars Insurance, VICE-CHAIR Natural Resources

Ortega, Evelina "Lina"

House Administration Public Health Transportation

Pacheco, Leo

Criminal Jurisprudence General Investigating Higher Education

Paddie, Chris

Energy Resources, CHAIR Licensing & Administrative Procedures Redistricting

Parker, Tan

Business & Industry House Administration State Affairs

Patterson, Jared

Business & Industry Resolutions Calendars Urban Affairs

Paul, Dennis

Homeland Security & Public Safety, VICE-CHAIR Insurance

Perez, Mary Ann

Energy Resources International Relations & Economic Development

Phelan, Dade

State Affairs, CHAIR

Price, Four

Calendars, CHAIR Natural Resources Public Health Redistricting

Ramos, Ana-Maria

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Natural Resources

Raney, John

International Relations & Economic Development Transportation

Raymond, Richard Peña

Agriculture & Livestock State Affairs

Reynolds, Ron

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Environmental Regulation

Rodriguez, Eddie

Calendars State Affairs Ways & Means

Romero, Ramon Jr.

Defense & Veterans' Affairs International Relations & Economic Development

Rose, Toni

Appropriations Calendars Human Services Redistricting

Rosenthal, Jon

County Affairs Energy Resources

Sanford, Scott

House Administration Public Education Ways & Means

Schaefer, Matt

Appropriations Higher Education

Shaheen, Matt

Urban Affairs, VICE-CHAIR Ways & Means

Sheffield, J.D.

Appropriations Public Health

Sherman, Carl Sr.

Appropriations Corrections House Administration

Shine, Hugh

Business & Industry Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

Smith, Reginald "Reggie"

Appropriations Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

Smithee, John

Higher Education State Affairs

Springer, Drew

Agriculture & Livestock, CHAIR Local & Consent Calendars State Affairs

Stephenson, Phil

Corrections Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Stickland, Jonathan

County Affairs Land & Resource Management

Stucky, Lynn

Appropriations Higher Education, VICE-CHAIR Resolutions Calendars

Swanson, Valoree

Elections Urban Affairs

Talarico, James

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Public Education

Thierry, Shawn

House Administration Land & Resource Management Transportation

Thompson, Ed of Brazoria

Environmental Regulation, VICE-CHAIR House Administration Transportation

Thompson, Senfronia of Harris

Licensing & Administrative Procedures Public Health, CHAIR Redistricting

Tinderholt, Tony

Defense & Veterans' Affairs, VICE-CHAIR Homeland Security & Public Safety

Toth, Steve

Appropriations Culture, Recreation & Tourism

Turner, Chris of Tarrant

Higher Education, CHAIR Insurance Redistricting, VICE-CHAIR

Turner, John of Dallas

Appropriations Environmental Regulation

VanDeaver, Gary Appropriations Public Education

Vo, Hubert

Insurance Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services, VICE-CHAIR Resolutions Calendars

Walle, Armando

Appropriations Higher Education Local & Consent Calendars Redistricting

White, James

Corrections, CHAIR Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Redistricting

Wilson, Terry M.

Appropriations Higher Education

Wray, John Calendars

Public Health, VICE-CHAIR Ways & Means

Wu, Gene

Appropriations Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

Zedler, William "Bill"

Criminal Jurisprudence, VICE-CHAIR Public Health Resolutions Calendars

Zerwas, John

Appropriations, CHAIR

Zwiener, Erin

Agriculture & Livestock Environmental Regulation

District 79

Agriculture & Livestock Elections

District 125

Defense & Veterans' Affairs Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

District 145

Corrections Urban Affairs




2019 House Committee Assignment by Committee

Agriculture & Livestock

CHAIR: Springer, Drew

VICE-CHAIR: Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Anderson, Charles "Doc" Buckley, Brad

Beckley, Michelle Burns, DeWayne Meza, Thresa "Terry"

Raymond, Richard Peña Zwiener, Erin District 79


CHAIR: Zerwas, John

VICE-CHAIR: Longoria, Oscar

Bonnen, Greg of Galveston Davis, Sarah of Harris González, Mary of El Paso Howard, Donna Longoria, Oscar Miller, Rick Muñoz, Sergio Jr. Rose, Toni Schaefer, Matt Sheffield, J.D. Wu, Gene Zerwas, John

Bell, Cecil of Montgomery Buckley, Brad Capriglione, Giovanni Cortez, Philip Hefner, Cole Johnson, Jarvis of Harris Minjarez, Ina Sherman, Carl Sr. Smith, Reginald "Reggie" Stucky, Lynn Toth, Steve Turner, John of Dallas VanDeaver, Gary Walle, Armando Wilson, Terry M.

Business & Industry

CHAIR: Martinez Fischer, Trey

VICE-CHAIR: Darby, Drew

Collier, Nicole Landgraf, Brooks Shine, Hugh

Beckley, Michelle Moody, Joseph Parker, Tan Patterson, Jared


CHAIR: Price, Four

VICE-CHAIR: Moody, Joseph

Deshotel, Joe Frullo, John Goldman, Craig Longoria, Oscar Metcalf, Will Oliverson, Tom Rodriguez, Eddie Rose, Toni Wray, John


CHAIR: White, James

VICE-CHAIR: Allen, Alma

Bowers, Rhetta

Bailes, Ernest IV Dean, Jay Neave, Victoria Sherman, Carl Sr. Stephenson, Phil District 145

County Affairs

CHAIR: Coleman, Garnet

VICE-CHAIR: Bohac, Dwayne

Cole, Sheryl Dominguez, Alex Rosenthal, Jon

Anderson, Charles "Doc" Biedermann, Kyle Huberty, Dan Stickland, Jonathan

Criminal Jurisprudence

CHAIR: Collier, Nicole

VICE-CHAIR: Zedler, William "Bill"

González, Jessica of Dallas Moody, Joseph


Bell, Keith of Kaufman Hunter, Todd King, Phil of Parker Murr, Andrew Pacheco, Leo

Culture, Recreation & Tourism

CHAIR: Cyrier, John

VICE-CHAIR: Martinez, Armando

Cyrier, John Morrison, Geanie W.

Toth, Steve

Bucy, John III Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara Holland, Justin Johnson, Jarvis of Harris Kacal, Kyle

Defense & Veterans' Affairs

CHAIR: Flynn, Dan

VICE-CHAIR: Tinderholt, Tony

Ashby, Trent Hinojosa, Gina Lozano, J. M. Ramos, Ana-Maria Reynolds, Ron Romero, Ramon Jr. District 125


CHAIR: Klick, Stephanie

VICE-CHAIR: Cortez, Philip

Cain, Briscoe Israel, Celia Swanson, Valoree

Bucy, John III Burrows, Dustin Middleton, Mayes District 79

Energy Resources

CHAIR: Paddie, Chris

VICE-CHAIR: Herrero, Abel


Anchia, Rafael Craddick, Tom Darby, Drew Herrero, Abel

Bailes, Ernest IV Geren, Charlie Gutierrez, Roland Harris, Cody Perez, Mary Ann Rosenthal, Jon

Environmental Regulation

CHAIR: Lozano, J. M.

VICE-CHAIR: Thompson, Ed of Brazoria

Kuempel, John Lozano, J. M. Reynolds, Ron

Blanco, César José Kacal, Kyle Morrison, Geanie W.

Turner, John of Dallas Zwiener, Erin

General Investigating

CHAIR: Meyer, Morgan

VICE-CHAIR: Collier, Nicole

Krause, Matt Noble, Candy Pacheco, Leo

Higher Education

CHAIR: Turner, Chris of Tarrant

VICE-CHAIR: Stucky, Lynn

Button, Angie Chen Frullo, John Johnson, Eric of Dallas Walle, Armando

Howard, Donna Pacheco, Leo Schaefer, Matt Smithee, John Wilson, Terry M.

Homeland Security & Public Safety

CHAIR: Nevárez, Poncho

VICE-CHAIR: Paul, Dennis

Goodwin, Vikki Lang, Mike Tinderholt, Tony

Burns, DeWayne Calanni, Gina Clardy, Travis Israel, Celia

House Administration

CHAIR: Geren, Charlie

VICE-CHAIR: Howard, Donna

Anchia, Rafael Anderson, Charles "Doc" Flynn, Dan Ortega, Evelina "Lina" Parker, Tan Sanford, Scott Sherman, Carl Sr. Thierry, Shawn Thompson, Ed of Brazoria

Human Services

CHAIR: Frank, James

VICE-CHAIR: Hinojosa, Gina

Frank, James Klick, Stephanie Meza, Thresa "Terry"

Clardy, Travis Deshotel, Joe Miller, Rick Noble, Candy Rose, Toni


CHAIR: Lucio, Eddie III

VICE-CHAIR: Oliverson, Tom

Paul, Dennis Turner, Chris of Tarrant Vo, Hubert

Bonnen, Greg of Galveston Davis, Sarah of Harris Johnson, Julie of Dallas Lambert, Stan

International Relations & Economic Development

CHAIR: Anchia, Rafael

VICE-CHAIR: Frullo, John

Blanco, César José Perez, Mary Ann Romero, Ramon Jr.

Cain, Briscoe Larson, Lyle Metcalf, Will Raney, John

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

CHAIR: Leach, Jeff

VICE-CHAIR: Farrar, Jessica

Farrar, Jessica Leach, Jeff White, James

 Davis, Yvonne of Dallas Johnson, Julie of Dallas Krause, Matt Meyer, Morgan Neave, Victoria Smith, Reginald "Reggie"

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

CHAIR: Dutton, Harold

VICE-CHAIR: Murr, Andrew

Calanni, Gina Talarico, James

Bowers, Rhetta Cyrier, John Dean, Jay Shine, Hugh District 125

Land & Resource Management

CHAIR: Craddick, Tom

VICE-CHAIR: Muñoz, Sergio Jr.

Bell, Cecil of Montgomery Biedermann, Kyle Stickland, Jonathan

Canales, Terry Leman, Ben Minjarez, Ina

Thierry, Shawn

Licensing & Administrative Procedures

CHAIR: King, Tracy of Uvalde

VICE-CHAIR: Goldman, Craig


Geren, Charlie Guillen, Ryan Hernandez, Ana Thompson, Senfronia of Harris

Harless, Sam Herrero, Abel King, Ken of Hemphill Kuempel, John Paddie, Chris

Local & Consent Calendars

CHAIR: Morrison, Geanie W.

VICE-CHAIR: González, Mary of El Paso

Bernal, Diego Bowers, Rhetta Buckley, Brad Harris, Cody Hefner, Cole Martinez, Armando Middleton, Mayes Springer, Drew Walle, Armando

Natural Resources

CHAIR: Larson, Lyle

VICE-CHAIR: Metcalf, Will

King, Tracy of Uvalde Larson, Lyle Nevárez, Poncho Price, Four

Dominguez, Alex Farrar, Jessica Harris, Cody Lang, Mike Oliverson, Tom Ramos, Ana-Maria

Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services

CHAIR: Murphy, Jim

VICE-CHAIR: Vo, Hubert:

Capriglione, Giovanni Flynn, Dan Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara Stephenson, Phil

Gutierrez, Roland Lambert, Stan Leach, Jeff Longoria, Oscar Wu, Gene

Public Education

CHAIR: Huberty, Dan

VICE-CHAIR: Bernal, Diego

Allen, Alma Dutton, Harold Huberty, Dan King, Ken of Hemphill Meyer, Morgan

Allison, Steve Ashby, Trent Bell, Keith of Kaufman González, Mary of El Paso Sanford, Scott Talarico, James VanDeaver, Gary

Public Health

CHAIR: Thompson, Senfronia of Harris

VICE-CHAIR: Wray, John

Coleman, Garnet Guerra, R.D. "Bobby" Lucio, Eddie III Zedler, William "Bill"

Allison, Steve Frank, James Ortega, Evelina "Lina" Price, Four Sheffield, J.D.


CHAIR: King, Phil of Parker

VICE-CHAIR: Turner, Chris of Tarrant

Cole, Sheryl Krause, Matt Larson, Lyle Leach, Jeff Leman, Ben Minjarez, Ina Moody, Joseph Paddie, Chris Price, Four Rose, Toni Thompson, Senfronia of Harris Walle, Armando White, James

Resolutions Calendars

CHAIR: Guillen, Ryan

VICE-CHAIR: Miller, Rick

Burns, DeWayne Cain, Briscoe Cortez, Philip Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara Meza, Thresa "Terry" Patterson, Jared Stucky, Lynn Vo, Hubert Zedler, William "Bill"

State Affairs

CHAIR: Phelan, Dade

VICE-CHAIR: Hernandez, Ana

Deshotel, Joe Hunter, Todd King, Phil of Parker Raymond, Richard Peña Smithee, John

Guerra, R.D. "Bobby" Harless, Sam Holland, Justin Parker, Tan Rodriguez, Eddie Springer, Drew


CHAIR: Canales, Terry

VICE-CHAIR: Landgraf, Brooks

Davis, Yvonne of Dallas Krause, Matt Martinez, Armando Raney, John

Thompson, Ed of Brazoria

Bernal, Diego Goldman, Craig Hefner, Cole Leman, Ben Ortega, Evelina "Lina"

Thierry, Shawn

Urban Affairs

CHAIR: Button, Angie Chen

VICE-CHAIR: Shaheen, Matt

Patterson, Jared

González, Jessica of Dallas Goodwin, Vikki Johnson, Eric of Dallas Middleton, Mayes Swanson, Valoree District 145

Ways & Means

CHAIR: Burrows, Dustin

VICE-CHAIR: Guillen, Ryan

Bohac, Dwayne Martinez Fischer, Trey Murphy, Jim Rodriguez, Eddie


Cole, Sheryl Noble, Candy Sanford, Scott Shaheen, Matt Wray, John