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March 4, 2019

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TSTA: All school employees have earned a pay raise

Texas State Teachers Association President Noel Candelaria released the following statement on the Senate’s approval of SB3:

“We are happy that the Senate voted to give teachers and librarians a long-overdue pay raise and help us close the $7,300-a-year deficit by which the average teacher pay in Texas lags behind the national average. But the Legislature also must appropriate funding for pay raises for all school employees. Counselors, nurses, bus drivers and other support staff also are important to creating safe and healthy learning environments for Texas’ 5.4 million public school children.

“TSTA opposes the provision in SB3 that would encourage school districts to create so-called ‘merit’ or incentive-based pay for a handful of teachers. This would double down on high stakes standardized testing, encourage more teaching to the STAAR test and increase stress on Texas school children. Any money appropriated for pay raises should be spent to benefit all school employees, not just a select few.”